Friday, July 6, 2007

A Pretty Perfect Day

Yesterday was just about perfect - the only thing that I think could have made it better was if world hunger was taken care of or global warming was solved. Ryan had yesterday off so the day started out right by being able to sleep in. We had mainly snacks for breakfast because we were out of milk and eggs and other breakfast stuff. But it was O.k -no biggie. We watched the news together ( I'm a total news junkie ) and did some cleaning. Then Ryan had to do something real small to the Porsche and I ran to Wal-Mart to get milk and eggs and some other things, like fruits and veggies - we decided we are going to eat better - not that we don't eat really healthy now but we watch "Honey We're Killing the Kids" and well lets just say we are now borderline Vegetarians, besides chicken and tuna we only eat veggies and fruit we are even watching our carbs. Well I am, he doesn't have to watch anything I watch it for him - he eats what I make, he's such a good boy :O)

Anyways when he got home we had lunch together - Tuna Fish :O) Yes he eats tuna fish and in fact he loves that way I make it. We had our appointment, which went really really well. We love our Thursday appointments, he is so awesome!!! Then we went to Barns and Nobel, cuz I wanted to get a book. Then we came home and I made dinner while he did what he need to do. We sat at the table and I showed him the book I got -MAD LIBS!!! and we did one together. It may sound stupid but we had so much fun coming up with the nouns and verbs and stuff. He was much better than me at coming up with words. Then we read it and laughed - It was about Bananas flying a Space Ship. And then we worked on this other book we got its "What is Your Cats IQ" Its so funny and its a pretty big book so we are going to have to work on it a little at a time. Its so fun trying to answer these off the wall questions about Tinky and Nizzy. Watch at the end of the book it say that we need to check ourselves into a nut house or something cuz we actually tried to figure out your cat's IQ. But whatever we like it and its fun. :OP

Then we snuggled and watched a movie and went to bed. It may not seem like a lot to others but it was a really good happy no stress day and we really enjoyed it. And I think our good day has carried over to today. I got up with him this morning and packed his lunch and got him off to work and I'm going to go hang out with my friend Rachelle and her awesome kids. Maybe she can give me some pointers on how I can keep my house as clean as hers. Hope you all have an awesome day too cuz I'm pretty sure Ryan and I are going to. :O)

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