Monday, July 9, 2007

Kind of Got off track with this one - Oops

So Thursday was a pretty perfect day as was Friday and Saturday. I can't remember what we did Friday but Saturday Ryan had to work and then we went to his parents house for dinner and to watch fireworks over the lake. It was a really good show. But then went we got home......... our apartment was like a bazillion degrees!!! OUR AIR CONDITIONER BROKE :O( I'm thinking no big deal I grew up with no air and I actually prefer to use windows rather than air. But when you live on a 3rd floor apartment with all the windows facing the south I soon learned that we get no cross ventilation. So there was no breeze at all and the only fan we had is a little one we use at night just for the noise. So it didn't do much and I could not sleep at all and since we didn't get home till midnight we were not in the mood to go out and buy fans, plus we knew the air would be fixed at some point on Sunday and we didn't want to spend the money. So I tossed and turned all night, I got up like ever half hour, pretty much because I was sticking to my sheets. YUCK!!! So at 3 am I sent a couple e-mails and played on the internet and actually considered sleeping on our deck cuz oddly enough I apartment was 87 degrees but outside was 70 degrees, but because we have spiders on our deck and we all know how I feel about spiders I stayed inside. Oh and what was Ryan doing???? SNORING!!!! Off and on at least. So he was able to get a little sleep.

Finally at about 7am we gave up and got up for the day. Ryan called in about our air conditioner and by 1pm it was fixed!!! But it was soooooo hot in our apartment it took a good long time for it to cool down but oddly enough when it got down to 82 degrees it was feeling pretty good.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning and doing laundry. Oh and I watched the movie Hotel Rwanda, I've never seen it but I've heard about what had happened there. And well saying its sad doesn't even come close to how to describe it, and now the same thing is happening in Darfur!! I just don't get people!! How could they do that, how could people think that slashing people is the way things need to be handled!!! Maybe its because I live in the U.S and we don't slash people well at least not here we do it oversea and people think we are great for doing it. How did two wrongs make a right. Grrrrrr!!! I'm coming just short of saying I hate this world. Why doesn't God just send another flood. Thats what we all deserve. Everything is sooooo messed up. There's Adults killing adults and Adults killing Kids and Kids killing Adults and Kids Killing Kids and Adults and Kids killing babies!!! Just a few weeks ago in the news was a story about a 12 year old girl who killed her mothers boyfriend cuz he was watching her and wouldn't let her watch the show she wanted to watch, so she stabbed him!!! Or what about the baby thats fighting for its life cuz his babysitter shock him cuz he wouldn't stop crying!!! His mother is my age and this is her first child. And he will never be normal again ( see my myspace page she is my third or forth friend ). The list can go on and on about all the terrible things. Sometimes I don't even know why I bother doing the things I do to try and help. We are all doomed anyways. Wow isn't this a happy blog.

Oh and with all my ranting and raving I forgot the other thing that happened to us on Sunday. Our Fridge and Freezer broke too. But we went sure it stop working till this morning when Ryan went to get the milk and it was warm. YUCK!!! So I have spend this morning cleaning out the old one and then cleaning the other one they brought us. It was used and not cleaned out. YUCK YUCK!!

Well thats all for now - maybe I'll go to the pool for a while :O) and read a book :O) :O)

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