Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Guess Where We're Going!!!

MEXICO!!!!!! Just on a whim last night Ryan and I decided to have a "date" and go out to dinner. So I dressed up ,kind of, and I met him at the restaurant. It was so nice. While we were talking we decided to go back to Mexico, the same place we went on our honeymoon. As long as its still there. It my have been blown down in Hurricane Wilma. It's been two years so I sure its re-built by now. We were going to go in August but with my brother wedding the first week of September, August is filled with things to do. So we are either going to go right after the wedding or we are going to go in October for our 2nd anniversary.

For our honeymoon we were there for 10 days - but it got cut short cuz of Hurricane William, So this time we may go for 2 weeks. I'm so excited!!!! That place was awesome!!! It was all-inclusive, our "hotel" room was a hut -not a "room" at all, and it was huge. It had a HUGE bed and a huge hot tub/whirl pool tub. A huge T.V with a DVD player and they had this place you could rent dvds ( for free) , a Awesome wood dinning table, which I fell in love with and if I could of I would have smuggled it home with me :O) Oh and we had a back deck with a hammock and another small table, and guess what was in our "back yard" not more than a few feet from our deck was a swim up bar and not more than a hop skip and jump from there was the ocean. AHHHHHHH!!!! I am soooooooo excited. Oh and there was the moon lit massage on the beach under the stars, and it was like a two hour massage and let me tell you these ladies are good!!! Oh and the moon lit dinner for two on the beach, which was soooo romantic!!! Oh oh oh, I almost forgot about the BEST PART- THE OPEN AIR SHOWER!!!!! Let me tell you I have never had soooo much fun "showering". No it wasn't right out in the open it had stone walls but no roof, thats where the open air comes from, and it was attached to our room, it wasn't a public thing it was our shower, it was soooooo pretty too, with rock walls and the water came out of the wall with this "wood" branch looking thing, so it was almost like a water fall instead of a shower. HEHEHEHEHE I want to go NOW!!!!! We didn't do any activates the first time but we may this time. They had the thing where you are pulled behind a boat with a parachute, I don't know maybe if I have enough to drink I might be up for that. They had other things to do as well. We were soooo tired from all the wedding stuff all we did was eat, sleep, drink and soak up the sun :O) Which was totally ok with me :O) Ok I have to calm down - I have things to do today. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHE ok I'll stop now :O)

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